Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden Beauties

Hello everyone,
        With the sunshine the last couple of days the garden is changing daily so I have been snapping  close up shots of some of the beauty that has been bursting forth.

These shots were taken a few days ago .I made collages so you could see them all at a glance or two.

I love this tree peony that I got a few years ago.

Some of the french lilacs are still putting on a good show while others are starting to show their age.

Ostrich fern

We have a few honeysuckle vines blooming now and they have such a wonderful fragrance.I love to plant them in places where we walk by a lot so we can really enjoy them.

These cuties bring a smile every time I look at them!

The cutest little scooters ever!!! Noah and Lila -our daughters little ones.

I was away for a couple of days and the first thing I had to do was take a walk around the garden to see the changes and snap a few more pics. Some of our roses have started to bloom- you were probably getting sick of my lilacs pics anyway!

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