Friday, August 17, 2012


                                                 Hello everyone,
               Isn't this a cute idea? I remember seeing some rubber boots used for flower containers awhile ago on Pinterest so I collected a few from thrift shops as well as some old ones from my grandchildren.
  We put them up on the old door in Chelsea Garden inside the terrace to give it some life. There is an old mirror in the window which reflects them also.
                       Such a cute idea-don't you think?

                           They have such cute little boots these days.
I bought these at a thrift shop but they came from Old Navy before that. I didn't put these up because they are just so cute-I thought I might have a new granddaughter someday to splash around in these!

  I spotted these in Mahone Bay earlier this year along the sidewalk-so cute!
                                            Loving my phlox right now too.

   I might actually dig out my own rubberboots today as we finally got some rain last night and I see a few puddles in our driveway!

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show And Tell today.

Have a fun weekend!


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