Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Country Days

Hello Everyone,
       I am a country girl and I enjoy going for a drive through the countryside of our little Island(Prince Edward Island) at any time of the year. In June everything is particularly lush and green. We did have a great crop of dandelions this year but the season for them is already pretty much passed.
I grew up on a farm so they still appeal to me and I love to see the baby animals in the spring.

I love this farm home.
The rolling hillside of New Glasglow.
Another nice farm.
Gotta love this country mailbox!
Or how about this unique display?
I used to have a horse when I was a teenager so I am always drawn to them when we go for a country drive.

I love the apple blossoms against the weathered shingles.

And here is a bouquet for you from our country garden.

Enjoy your day!


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