Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Garden Tour

 Hello everyone,
        Since the garden is changing daily I thought I would show you what is happening now. I love the plant combo above of magnificum geranium, lady's mantle(the lacy yellow blooms just starting) and the Nymph peony-a single peony.
 Roses,iris and lady's mantle on the left with a Preston lilac on the right.The peonies have just started to bloom in this bed since I took this pic a couple of days ago.Peonies,roses and lilacs are three of my favorite plants.The old blue cast iron stove was a roadside find that I painted blue for a nice pop of color.
 This is an unnamed peony that was also given to me by my Dad many years ago.
 A pot of annuals sitting in the birdbath gives another pop of color here.
 This is a siberian iris-Butter And Sugar.
 This is a shrub that I have had for several years and this is the first year it put on such a show and the bees love it. I forget the name of it-does anyone know?
 Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony-a semi double. I love the color.
 Our Josephine clematis is putting on a great show this year.
 The Therese Bugnet rose is growing over the arbor.
 Purple lupins, a Wine and roses Weigelia and a Spirea- Thor I think.
 A soft pink peony.
 Columbine-or Grannies Bonnet behind the angel.
 Love this dark red peony too.
 Miss Canada lilac.
 I have divided and moved this beautiful showy Magnificum geranium all around the garden.It is a hardy easy care plant.
 More peonies.
 Lady's mantle and a peony.
 This is another peony Scarlett O'Hara -past, present and future(the bud).
You can see I love this color combo as it shows up in different parts of the garden.

Next week I will show you some different parts of the garden. since we garden on over 2 acres of land it takes me awhile to get around.

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

Enjoy your weekend!


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