Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Beauty

Good Morning,
    The birds are singing, the geese are swimming in the pond and it looks like we will have some sunshine after a badly needed rainy day yesterday- what more could I ask for!
   I still have a few more pictures featuring our lilacs-don't worry I will soon have moved on to the peonies! The early peonies are just starting to bloom here but soon there will be hundreds of peonies blooming as they are loaded with buds this year.

Our summer porch
We have enjoyed  relaxing on our screened porch with the scent of lilacs .
Pretty containers full of our lilacs from the garden

I am picking a bouquet of lilacs for you.
Don't you just love lilacs?
We have over 40 lilac bushes in our garden-all different colors and sizes.Did you know lilacs like a slightly alkaline soil and a sunny location to bloom well.

Tomorrow is a busy tour day so I better get our house and garden in order.

Can anyone tell me why my photos seem to go fuzzy in the last few days when I make them larger-I always email them over to my blog and didn't have this problem before.

Thank you for visiting me.

Take care,

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