Monday, May 14, 2012

Color in the Garden

Hello everyone,
     I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We enjoyed a sunny warm Mother's Day here with lots of food and all of our family. It was warm enough to eat out on veranda-I love to eat outdoors whenever possible.
The garden is starting to fill in and the leaves are coming out on the trees and shrubs.
Hyacinths are scenting the air.
The bleeding hearts are blooming.
The snakehead- fritillaria meleagris are blooming and slowly spreading in the garden.

The hostas are putting up their fresh green and cream leaves.

Ice follies daffodils blooming around the old wheelbarrow.
Dainty little narcissus-not sure of their name.
Our tulips are starting to bloom-now I am wishing I had planted a lot more as not all the old ones returned.
These Red Riding Hood tulips have returned faithfully year after year. I hope I can get more of these for the fall planting.
The hillside garden is awash with the beauty of many different varieties of daffodils.

Well,that is what is happening in our garden so far. Tomorrow is going to be a hotter day so things can change pretty quickly in the garden. However, the benefit of a long cool spring is the flowers stay in bloom longer and have a more intense color.

How is your garden doing? I know many of you are way ahead of us here as we are just getting started in our garden season.

Today,I am joining the house in the roses for Show off your Cottage Monday.

I hope you enjoy your day!


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