Monday, May 21, 2012

Our First Spring Tour Day

Hello Everyone,
     I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful long weekend. We had our first tour of the season on Friday -it was a small tour of twelve ladies from Japan. On the day of the tour I was up at the crack of dawn and watched the sunrise over our pond before getting on with my day.

My husband shot this photo from the balcony as we toured the garden and cottage.
We toured the early spring garden .
The garden is changing so quickly as already since the tour the apple trees have started to bloom-oh well,they will have to come back!
There are lots of varieties of daffodils blooming still,although already the process of deadheading the ones that are done has started.

We checked out the Gardener's Cottage where there were little squeals of delight!
And once again it was the smallest room in the house that brought on more happy squeals.
New to our tour this year is a stroll down to the pond. it was a perfect May day for our first tour of the season. We don't have any more tours until the first of June when the lilacs and early peonies will be blooming.

After the tour it is time for a relaxing moment in Martha's Garden with a cup of tea. The first tour pushes us to get the garden tidied up,the garden furniture and ornaments back out,the cottage cleaned up after the winter and the verandas set up again for summer and did I forget to mention all the pruning done on  the roses(aprox.100),hydrangeas(almost as many),clematis etc. So now that all that is almost done, we can while away the rest of the summer on the veranda with a book and lemonade! Ha!Ha! 

This is some of the blooms in the garden now.
I had to show you that the garden is not all orange and yellow!

Do you have time to watch the sunset with me?

Thank you for coming along on this our first tour day!

Take care,

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