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House Cleaning Rates

House Cleaning RatesToday's life is indeed very hectic, busy and full of distractions than ever before. Most of us today do not have time for house cleaning. After a hard and exhausting day at work the last thing that we want to come home and do, is vacuum the house and dust those cobwebs in the corner. But of course, we cannot live in a dirty house. A popular solution is to hire a house cleaning service. But, before you rush and call up your nearest house cleaning service, you should get all the necessary information on house cleaning services included, house cleaning rates etc.

House cleaning services have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The reason for hiring a house cleaning services are varied. While some people do not have time due to long hours of work and hiring professional cleaners saves their precious time, others may hire cleaners because they may have allergies or are unable to do specific cleaning chores because of health conditions, age or other factors. Besides all these reasons, many people also hire cleaners for one time services to prepare for a party, vacation, spring cleaning etc.

House Cleaning Services
There are no fixed services that are offered by all cleaners. The cleaning services vary depending on the cleaners, conditions, frequency of service and size of the home. However, the standard package includes the following services according to your requirement.

  •  Dusting
  •  Vacuuming
  •  Making beds
  •  Cleaning and sanitizing
  •  Bathroom fixtures Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen fixtures
  •  Cleaning the microwave
  •  Sweeping or mopping floors
  •  Loading dishwashers
  •  Spot stain treatments when necessary
  •  Vacuuming or dusting furniture
  •  Laundry and ironing

However, there are other optional services available that can be done on a higher rates. For example services like polishing silver, window cleaning, cleaning walls, basement, garage or attic cleaning etc.

House Cleaning Rates and Estimates
These rates are generally based on the number of rooms, the area of the house and the services included. Another factor which affects the prices, are if the house cleaning services are offering a packaged rate. Discounted rates are offered by many cleaning services for weekly or biweekly cleanings, while one-time cleanings are more expensive as generally,one time cleanings require more work to be done by the services. The following are a couple of house cleaning estimates.

Once a Week Cleaning

  •  For a 900 square foot apartment, house cleaning service costs an average of USD 74 to USD 200.
  •  For a 1,300 square foot home with seven rooms, an average cost is about USD 95 to USD 300.
  •  A 2,200 square foot home costs an average of USD 149 - USD 400.

Bi-weekly Cleaning
The following are a few factors affecting the house cleaning prices.

  •  Size of the House: The size or square footage of home is the primary factor considered when setting a standard price.
  •  Layout: The layout of the home, that is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, stories, etc., will have an impact on the cleaning price.
  •  Number of People: More people living in the home generate more cleaning chores and command a higher price.
  •  Pet Animals: It is a fact that homes with one or multiple pets will require more cleaning and hence, will be more expensive to clean.
  •  Children: Also, homes with younger children are sometimes more difficult to clean and may be a little expensive.
  •  Types of Cleaning: Another factor which affects the cleaning rates are the type of cleaning required. The homeowner will be able to determine how detailed the cleaning is, including costs if additional services are required. Most homeowners keep a house cleaning checklist for maid.
  •  Weekday or Weekend: If the homeowner prefers the home to be cleaned on the weekend, rates will be higher.
  •  Location: Cleaning rates vary in different parts of the country and may also depend on travel distance from the service's main office.

These were the factors that will have an impact on your house cleaning rates. Hiring a house cleaning service can save time, effort and depending on the services requested, can be reasonable. You can come back to a clean and comfortable home after a hard day's work.

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