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Ceiling Designs for Homes

Ceiling Designs for HomesWe are so caught up with choosing the right wall colors and other elements of interior decoration during home remodeling, that we tend to forget about the ceilings. Imagine having a newly remodeled home with drab and boring ceilings. To finish the look of your home, you need some good ceiling designs for homes that are unique. There are many design ideas for ceilings that you can choose from, depending on the style of your house, its interiors and most importantly your budget. A cottage style or country style house will look great with wooden ceilings and a false ceiling will match the clean lines of a modern and contemporary apartment. Here we will discuss all about ceiling design ideas for homes.

Vaulted Ceiling for Homes

If you reside in a large and sprawling house and would love to add some drama in your room, then the best ceiling design that you can choose is the vaulted ceiling. A vaulted ceiling is also called a cathedral ceiling and was popular in the mid 19th century in churches and cathedrals. This type of ceiling designs, angles sharply upwards to form a peak and follows the pitch of the roof. It makes a room look spacious and airy and is best suited for drawing rooms and dining rooms. Many homeowners love the sense of space that a high vaulted ceiling gives to a room. However the downside of having a vaulted ceiling is that it might be a little difficult to decorate it while still retaining a sense of proportion.

The best way to solve this problem and enhance the look of a vaulted ceiling is to paint the ceiling in a darker shade than the walls and have a lot of decorative elements at the eye level. You can do this by grouping together a set of canvas paintings or pictures on the wall at eye level. This will keep the eye from moving upwards and will emphasize the horizontal space. Decorating rooms with vaulted ceilings is one of the best ways to add interest to a room.

Wooden Ceiling Designs

The best ceiling designs for country style or cottage style homes are wooden ceilings. Wooden ceiling designs are basically of two types, coffered ceilings and beamed ceilings. Beamed ceilings, as the name suggests, consist of installing wooden beams at the perimeter of the ceiling in a grid or crisscross pattern. Exposed beams add warmth and old world charm to a house and are great for living rooms, large kitchens and studies. Coffered ceiling designs add a touch of luxury and refinement to your home. A coffered ceiling consists of spaced inserts that are in the shape of a square or rectangle and are made from wooden moldings. Coffered ceilings look best in studies, library and drawing rooms.

False Ceiling for Homes

A low false ceiling gives a room a warm and cozy ambiance. A false ceiling is one of the best ideas for modern ceiling designs. A false ceiling is also known as suspended ceiling, hanging ceiling and dropped ceiling. A small space is kept between the false ceiling and actual ceiling which makes it a good place to conceal wires, ducts and insulation. Another advantage of installing false ceilings at homes is that it has sound deadening qualities. Installing suspended ceilings should be best left to professionals as the work is quite complicated. There are many different designs in false ceilings and you can choose one that best suits your interiors. False ceiling gives a room a modern ambiance and they are best suited for bedrooms and living rooms. If you have a sleek and contemporary kitchen, you can consider installing a false ceiling to enhance the look of your kitchen.

There are other ceiling designs like tray ceiling designs, textured ceiling designs and steel ceiling designs that have their own pros and cons. The design of a ceiling should be such that it highlights the architectural features of the room. The key to make your home look cozy and beautiful is to choose a ceiling design that looks cohesive with your home decor and which enhances your interiors.

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