Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Garden Stroll

Hello Friends
 Come with me for a little stroll around the garden with me today. There is lots of color and the garden  will soon be at it's peak as far as color goes anyway.

 The east side of our house just outside the baywindow.

 I think this side has an English garden look to it with the virginia creeper going rampantly over the house.
 The birdhouse is from Home goods.
 The Jackmani clematis is loaded with blooms.

 Everything has filled in nicely and in spite of the dry spring and summer is still holding up pretty good.

 The tall blue spikes you see here are monkshood.

 Another view of the Jackmani with Annebelle hydrangea.

 The delpenium are still holding up well.
 The Jackmani on the arbor leading to the doorway.
 This clematis is out by the garden cottage.
 This is from our walkway looking toward the barn.
 Down is the Allee garden

Here you can see the hydrangea blooming with the mockorange in the background.

Some lovely roses blooming in our garden.

I hope you enjoyed a little stroll through the garden on this lovely July day.

Enjoy your weekend!


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