Monday, July 23, 2012

A Garden Party

 Hello everyone,
   I hope you had a lovely weekend. Last week  I was happy to be able to go with a friend to a beautiful Garden Party at Government House the home of our Lieutenant Governor.
 I am having a little chat with Her Honour Dorothy Lewis out in front as they welcomed guests.Notice the lovely view in background of the Charlottetown harbour.. Thank you Mayumi for this nice shot!
 There was a big tent where food was served and lots of roses in bloom.

 They have mostly hybrid teas in the rose garden.

 Lots of nice food and punch was served.

 There were lots of people in attendance and the food was totally enjoyed.
 People admired the beautiful gardens and many were taking photos.
 This is the garden last year in August.You can get a better look without so many people.

Music in the Garden

 It was a lovely Garden Party on a beautiful sunny day. Hope you enjoyed coming along with me.

Thank you for visiting,

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