Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Country Days

                                                                       Hello everyone,

           On a beautiful day last week my friend Janice and I went for a little day trip to some of our favorite places and some new back road country places that we had not seen before.
  Trust me to find some old country home and fall in love with it!
 We had a tour of an old church that has been restored and used for cooking classes-Annies Table. The pretty yellow house is her home that has also been restored-for some of the classes you get to tour the house and Lucy Maud Montgomeries birth place also. Sign me up!
     I enjoyed the day with Janice so much my husband and I went back for a drive one nice evening.
  The same house in the sunshine.

              We stopped to admire these beautiful horses on a very scenic farm. I love the hills in the background.

  For some reason the song "An Old Log Cabin for Sale' with an old open bucket and well kept going through my head here. It was a song my parents enjoyed many long years ago. My husband said it is an old Wilf Carter song. Anyone else know it?

               A field of Golden Rod in the evening light.

Happy Birthday to Jessica!

On a different note it was a little birthday celebration for Jessie who just turned seven and her cousin Lucas and Sasha Jessie's puppy enjoyed some fun and cake and icecream. Little Lucas is still travelling once a week to Montreal( a day trip most weeks) for a drug trial for Muscular Dystrophy as some of you may remember and we are happy with how well it is going for Lucas and his Mama.
Hope you enjoyed my' country days'.

Thank you for your visit!

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