Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bits and Pieces

                               Hello everyone,
                                        Another sunny day here so I better get out and do a little watering in the garden before it gets too hot. I took the shot above last week in our garden. This is the time of year when we have the most color in our garden but this year due to a dry spring and summer the garden is definitely showing signs of stress and looking rather tired in places.Fortunately,I am the one with the camera and I won't be showing those places!
 If I was a painter I would like to paint this or the one above. I love these color combos.
 Coming around the east of our house to the south.
                           A little bouquet of pretty pastels.
 I love this shot of our granddaughter who will soon be turning 7.
 A pretty double daylilly lights up the garden.

 Due to the lack of rain our pond has dropped several inches.
                             Clematis and hydrangea.
                 This bed at the bottom is a new addition last fall. It has a few clashing colors because the daylillies where dormant when moved so I didn't know what colors they were.

 This has an old fashioned appeal to me.
Hope you enjoyed some 'bits and pieces' of my life.

Tomorrow,I will be sharing" the making of our garden" in a guest post for Kathy at A Delightsome Life  for her Summer Series How do they do it . I will also answer any questions you may have on our garden then. I did try to remember any you asked previously-I seem to remember I promised this post awhile ago but who knew we would have endless summer days???  Did I mention I am a procrastinator? So, thank you again Kathy for motivating me to do it.

Thank you for visiting,


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